There are, currently, three Power line interfaces that support the Insteon protocol: The broadband network is focused on a home’s multimedia needs and is ideal for sending voice, video and internet throughout the home. Not all are used in the current code so read the directions to find out further details. Higher band-width support results in higher overall cost. Source is currently located in the developers forum. And since I’m using some of his code from x10d I’ll be using Dan’s License.

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All communication is via a TCP Socket in xml form. Install App on your Phone Now its time to start adding devices. To use this with a serial port no other device driver is needed.

Support for the Insteon U controller

Matt Randolph has create plmtoolsit’s on Source forge but doesn’t have a web page yet it’s using the project page. If you wish to use for commercial applications, you must contact us to discuss licensing options. If you any one of these interfaces, then please attach it to your Raspberry Pi and continue to Installing the ZBPServer steps listed below.


The U won’t work–it’s an Insteon controller not a modem and uses a different protocol. You can try another one.

It supports both RF and Powerline, enabling a broader set of applications. I don’t have one and I don’t know if it works. I have been using Mac home automation software with a U Insteon powerline controller.

I need to remove this confusion. And since I’m using some of his code from x10d I’ll be using Dan’s License. The CM15A will have the same problem. Products are available at SmartHome Insteon development is currently underway. Allows x10 liux to control insteon devices more reliably.

Smarthome expects development of additional bridges to other network technologies based on market demand.

September 09, The INSTEON network protocol is a new cost-effective dual-mesh radio frequency – RF and powerline home management network technology, that provides a secure, highly-available, affordable, robust home management network for home innovations.

There are currently 3 types of Insteon controllers: Notes The issue with the USB boils down to this: As has become the custom here, I refer all X10 enthusiasts to this thread: Retrieved from linix http: Insteon – More information about Insteon and the Insteon developer forums.

I’m using firmware revision Translated it say this is a response to the 0x48 command Get version the Insteon address 24144u this controller is I know I prefer to change the driver so we’ll see what happens. This page was last modified on 2 Mayat These applications are best suited for standard Ethernet.


Later I’ll add more links here. The device driver I mentioned in my original post provides a way for Luup to talk to the U, but the protocol is also different from a straight powerline modem.

The Linux Insteon support page

Just manually lknux the ‘port’ setting for the Insteon interface. Simply get one of our available interfaces, load our ZBPServer software from our server, and presto! Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. Home Help Search Login Register. So I’ve changed it to iplcd and I’m going forward with that. LinuxMCE support for Insteon devices is currently under development.